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nissan patrol gq 1990
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gday all,
i am currnetly having a problem with my 1990 gq patrol.
it wont start,
it is duel fuel and i havent had petrol in it since i bought it (two weeks ago) have just put a 20l jerry can in it today.
now when i turn the key on to aceesory you can hear the fuel pump start to pump and make a dull humming noise, when you turn the key on, the engine turns over and wants to start but seems like there is no fuel there. the lights on the gas gauge wont come on when the key is in acessory and begin to flash when you turn it over. i have had the old school light gauge on it and we seem to have power at the solenoids for the gas to the convertor. there is power to the gas instrument gauge and all seems ok there.
we then put the light on the spark plugs, and had no power there, then moved on to the distributor coil, it has a little bit on one side but no power on the other is that normal?
does that mean the distributor coil is shagged and perhaps even the gas instruments?

any sugesstions or help is muchly appreciated
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