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Evening all.
I have a xtm 12000 lb winch from bcf, with a buggered planetary gear.
Bcf are being no help at all in sourcing a replacement part.
Does anyone know anyone who knows who to call to source parts???

Anyone got one of these they're "wrecking" for parts.....????
Yeah.... long shot I know.....
Anywho, this is the serial no.


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These companies are not consumer facing, it's one of the main reasons their prices are low. They are bulk sold (mainly out of China) to retailers who act as the store front. As a result, there is no support available outside warranty and parts sourcing is near impossible unless you want quantities in the 100s.

This is common place with BCF, MacPac, SCA, etc. The only option is full replacement irrespective of how big or small the fault is. The part then goes in the trash further progressing a throw away society. This is why it's important to look at a brand before purchasing big kit, ignore the warranty, what do they offer for their 5 or 10 year old products. Yes Warn is exy, but you can still get parts for a 15yo winch, that's a reliable company imo.
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