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Yet another home made GU roof console

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I have posted our console in our GU thread

However anything I make myself Ill do a separate here is our roof console!

It is made out of 7mm ply. It uses the original front light. I holds the kids DVD screen, the Uniden, a 6 bank of switches and some storage space. I havent put any mesh over the storage holes yet because the floor is slightly recessed so I might not have to.

I had it professionally trimmed.

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What'd it cost to get trimmed ? I've been half tempted to make a roof console, but wouldn't want some ugly POS that I made being so obvious, but yours look great after the trimming.

They all look like a POS when they are bare ply ;) It cost $200 to have it trimmed. It was a bit on the expensive side but mainly because I put the stepped up insert in where the UHF and switches go. All up the thing owes me less than $250. It looks professional (because of the trimmer), it fits perfect, it is custom made to suit our needs so for that price we are happy with it.

Thanks for the comments gents.
You should be very proud of that Mate, absolutely a top job.
Thanks for the compliment, we are happy how it turned out :)

And Stoffy, your welcome to grab some ply and head around home Ill show you how I made it while you do the work ;)
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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