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ZD30 A/C compressor needed ASAP

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Hi All,

Im after an A/C compressor as mine is a bit farked. The pully has been bent and has just about grinded itself off.

Question: Does anyone have a compressor they would like to sell, I need it before Friday but am willing to come and pick it up just about anywhere in Vic.

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go the bearing kit and rebuild it. will save you $100 in fuel phone calls and then gettin there to find out its not the compressor they told you it was.
Its not a bearing, its a bent pulley, the bearing was done only 2,000km ago but the pulley has taken a hit from a rock and bent.
I literally pulled up that website 30seconds ago and went back to this thread...wierd!

Patrol-a-part now don't have one, Hall4x4 don't have one, looks like I may be in contact Metric if I can't find one with a decent bearing.
**** yeah! $120 + $20 express post from Central Motor Wreckers Ballarat, with what the dude assures me is a decent bearing.

Patrol-a-part was a little more expensive and didn't have one and Niss4x4 $330 + postage.

Credit card payment, in the post tonight! Awesome customer service so far, lets see how well they deliever.

Thanks fellas for the help, much appreciated
Try central motor wreckers in ballarat, don't have the phone number on me, they have a few late model GU's
x12.023 ... they have always had what I wanted.
Thanks a billion fellas, got it today and looks basically new!

I cannot recommend them enough, their customer service was awesome, no salesman bullsiht, prices were great, will definitely be dealing with them again.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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