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My unit came from the UK its a 2003 and I am advised it has a ZD30 DDTi engine. Mt turbo is leaking around the center but only when the engine is pushed under load at above 2750 rpm. It lives in the Caribbean and being completely dumb I forgot to take any info off the turbo before I left to come to the UK, thinking the VIN number would be all that I needed. That's fine with Nissan direct but not with aftermarket suppliers. Nissan want 1,310.00 pounds for a new unit and I can get a new Garett for 740.00 pounds. The point is BTN the importers of Garrett, Mitsubishi, Borg Warner only list one turbo for the 3.0 models a GT20V VNT (Garrett 144112X90A). Can anyone advise me if this part number is correct as it would be a bit of a bummer to take it 4,700 miles and find that it was the wrong one! My Vin is JN1TESY61U0123567.

Also Nissan Matic D is not available where I live, is Dextron III OK or should I import the Nissan stuff? Is there a filter in this box to replace or just a strainer?

Sure hoping for some much needed help out there!
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