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Hi guys,

After last weekends get together with whitie & a few other Patrol owners, we are now looking for stock GU ZD30 autos in Sydney to hook up my ECUTalk gauge & record the ECU values for boost & MAF voltages.

Hopefully, this data can assit in a clearer understanding of the overboost issue with the Manual & Auto variants as well as identifying if there is a better way to remove the overboost issue that is commonly experienced.

So anyone in Sydney wanting to catch up and put a face to whitie and to test the ECU/Turbo & MAF, just reply in this thread and I will PM the location where we will meet this Saturday afternoon at 2pm, provided whitie gets permision from the minister :p

So again, we are after stock auto ZD30 only for this test.

To those that I PM'd last week, feel free to confirm your attendance.

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