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Zd30 DI pump fuel cut solenoid wire

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Would anyone be able to confirm which of the 6 wires on the diesal pump electrical connector (right above pump as pictured) is the 12v fuel cut solenoid. I'm guessing it might be the small red one.

I need to order a Haynes manual buy I've spent all money on parts, next on the list.

2006 GU ZD30 Di


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Here is the one (Black/Red)

And the others :
do not get confused between R/B (below) and B/R(above) colours of the wires.

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the above has nothing to do with the glow plug relay but relates to the wires between the ECU and the injection pump (fuel cut solenoid, which was what your question was about?).

Glow plugs, EC section . Pin 111 of the ECU is the one which "grounds" the glow plugs relay. You could cut and add a manual switch to "ground" this relay and activate the glow plugs" only if and when you want.

And don't ground the ECU pin, as this will NOT work.
It is the relay pin 2 which needs to be grounded through your manual switch. But what if you forget ?? I would NOT do this if I were you.

If you really want to modify, apply the "australian timer mod". It has been widely tested, and for a long time.

Rectangle Font Parallel Slope Diagram

But why would you do this ? I live in the south of France, lived in south of Spain too, and never modified the start sequence of my glow plugs for 23 years on my Patrol. Same stock head. Nobody found any good reason to do this, or did this, in my country, from North to South..
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To preserve your head , do not run manual boost control keeping the vanes closed most of the time and do not run excessive boost either.
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PHD if I put a momentary switch as shown in the attached to interrupt the glow plug relay (low current side) will this allow manual activation of the glow plug relay?

One side of the switch will go to the Light green/blue wire, and the other side of the switch also back into the LG/B wire.

Closing my momentary switch in red should allow the glow plug relay to activate the high load side when the switch is pressed I think.
I wish I lived in France

and you are going to keep pressing on your momentary switch for at least 30s with a cold motor ? I would not do that. either I would apply the australian mod (and I never did), or do nothing.
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Removing the glow plug might not prevent (...will not) the motor to start.
I would remove the IP fuse, to make sure no diesel is sent into the cylinder, to make sure the motor does not start, and crank the motor several times to make sure oil gets to the turbo.

Certainly other members better mechanically-minded than myself would provide you with a better advice.
@geeyoutoo maybe ?
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Am I stupid. I thought you were meaning "disconnecting", not taking the glow plug off entirely. Of course, with the holes in the cylinders, and lack of compression, the motor will not start. Put some sort of fabric above the holes to avoid to get fuel everywhere if your IP is still powered.

I am lazy. I would have just removed the IP fuse (which is an "anti-theft" too if you replace it by a burnt fuse) to make this quick.
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