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Hi there folks,

Would greatly appreciate any words of advice regarding my Nissan Patrol GU 2000 (ZD30) which ive already commited to spending lots of money on and to only be hit with another yesterday. I've had the diesel gas fumigation kit put in and as well as a 3" exhaust and so have eliminated all turbo lag and has made the tractor a responsive and awesome sounding vehicle with some serious grunt, however i turned my vehicle on yesterday and the engine warning light came on and there was virtually no power at all. I managed to drive her a short distance to the Nissan mechanics so they could run the computer scanner over her and the code she's throwing is P7 which has to do with the Fuel injection system. As ive had the gas put through her, Nissan wont go near her and so i called a United gas and mentioned the code and that it was a ZD30 and he said that he gets them in all the time. Its most likely the fuel pump gone and she's about a $2500 job to get fixed. WHOA!! Oh the mechanics at Nissan said that they believe the engine is being starved of fuel and i only managed to get it to the mechanics on the small amount of gas.

Can any one shed some light on my sad predicament??

Also, for you ZD30 enthusiasts, could u possibly explain to me why this has occured. Has the gas system brought this on or is just one of those things??

And lastly, in the worst case scenario, cld anyone recommend a diesel/gas specialist in perth who would know how to deal with this kind of problem.

Thanks in advance, any info is greatly appreciated again:)


Nisaan Patrol GU II - 2" Dobinson Coils & Shocks, Safari Snorkel, 3" Exhaust straight through, Diesel Gas Fumigation Kit, Roof Racks & 60 ltr Engel and looks like a new fuel pump too.....
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