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He their, I haven't been on the forum long and only posted one post regarding a problem i had a while back and really appreciated the helpful replies.

I since had another issue with limp mode after either 3500rpm or exactly 105km. This site is so helpful and has saved me $$$$ with the useful info. I have found so many people have had the same issue with limp mode and many different outcomes to fix it.

I thought i would share a simple fix that sorted the issue i had to hopefully help anyone else who might have the problem. I have a 2003 GUIII ZD30 and did the NADS to safeguard the engine. Since the mods the vacuum line split so i replaced it all with the basic stuff you get by the meter in supercheap. not long after this i started having the issues, at first i thought it was maybe a vacuum leak and checked all the connections thoroughly and no leak. I was speaking to a friend and he asked me if i replaced it with the correct size? I checked the size against the old cable and the new one looked possibly slightly smaller. I went back to supercheap and showed a guy the old cable and he recommended getting a 3mm silicone vacuum piping. I asked last time i was in their if their was anything better and was told their is no other grade pipe than the black crap...... turns out their is.

Any how i fitted the new pipe today and instantly fixed the problem! i had read that turning the boost down on the dawes valve can help. I tried this when i was first having the problem and it did work but only when it was as low as 5psi. anything above would drop power. now i have installed the new pipe if found it does still do it but only when i incorrectly adjusted it to 20psi. That is to high anyway so i have set it a 15psi and runs fine.

from what i have read the ECU cuts out the power if the boost is to high. having a dawes valve and needle + EGR block the ECU is bypassed so i am not 100% sure why it can still do this?

Any how it has fixed the problem for me at only $20 so might be worth a try first if anyone is experiencing the issue as i have heard of people being charged a fortune for all kinds of new parts they dont need.

Hope this may be of help so someone, cheers
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