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I recently had my ZD30 engine rebuilt after blowing a piston at 107,000Klm.For warranty purposes i had to put a new turbo on as well as fuel pump& injectors. I only did 33Klms & the turbo blew (Warranty refused) new turbo fitted again. This time i got a bit over 800 Klms & it blew again.
These turbos over boost & wreck the engine or themselves.
Meanwhile a lot of research on the net & talking to a lot of Turbo specialists i found a place called TurboGlide at Russell Vale near Wollongong. This guy is really switched on about anything to do with turbo diesel engines. He sugested i have a conversion that he has designed done to my vehicle. This changes the original turbo over to a T25 turbo which has been around for about 20 years, it is repairable not a throw away like the original. The T25 has a wastegate so it can`t over-boost.
He then tests the vehicle on the dyno to check everything out.
My ZD30 was running lean at low revs so he put a module (chip) in it as well.
I came up Mt Uesley in top gear & could have excellerated but for the speed limit.
If you want to contact him Email [email protected] or go to his web site
Hope this helps all you ZD30owners who are disillusioned with this engine. Baldy65
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