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Just a quick question for all the avid users of this great site. Long time reader and first time post.
My ZD30 (wonderful engine it is) 165 000 kms and no problems till recently. Low power and no boost lots of smoke. Diagnosis..buggerred intercooler, fixed by fitting new/exchange cooler....not Nissan genuine as they charge too much. But now smoke gone but still no power, no more than 3000 rpm out of engine.
Fitted catch can 12 months ago and just recently blocked the EGR and set turbo according to procedure on this site, so consider no suspect turbo, thinking maybe MAF sensor or boost sensor, anyone got ideas as I'm running out and parts aren't cheap just to keep throwing at it. Especially the price of a MAF. Also just recently serviced and ECU reset as I always do after servicing.
Tried running without air filter but still no grunt. Assistance would be greatly appreciated... HELP!!!
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