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ZD30 Throttle issue

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Hi guys,
The accelerator pedal in my truck is super sensitive and my throttle/acceleration fluctuates with every little bump I hit. Is there any way of tighteneing this up to make it less sensitive

Any help would be great

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How long has it been this way, they are quite sensitive and very easy to get yourself into a bunny hopping rythm, you need to have your heale hard on the floor & when in really rough stuff have the side of your foot against the body panel to help you hold a steady position.
Recently let my Grandson have his first drive in mine, damn it was like sitting on the back of a kangaroo, he had a lot of difficulty getting used to it and he had just driven his fathers vehicle up from Brisy. Hadn't really thought about the sensitivity till then.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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