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ZD30 to TD42t confusion please help.

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Hey guys im in the middle of a zd30 to TD42 conversion. Just need some info on instrument clusters. I no i have to change mine to a 4.2 one. But i can only get one without airbag light and its out of a ute.

My car is a 04model 3L nissan patrol wagon STL

I have searched for info but i need more specifications on the cluster im chasing.
If anyone has one or can steer me in the right direction it would be mostly appreciated.

While im at it can i still use my ZD30 radiator and can i just move my zd30 engine mounts forward more or do i have to make or cut some 4.2 one.

I need quick 100% feed back as im trying to buy or order my products this week.

Cheers Shane
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Also you will have to work on the year of car. The 2002 and 2003 cluster wiring plugs are totally different.
One from memory is a mixture of male/female plugs the other is just female.

Theres been about 10 threads on the conversion in recent days, have a look around.
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