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ZD30 to TD42t confusion please help.

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Hey guys im in the middle of a zd30 to TD42 conversion. Just need some info on instrument clusters. I no i have to change mine to a 4.2 one. But i can only get one without airbag light and its out of a ute.

My car is a 04model 3L nissan patrol wagon STL

I have searched for info but i need more specifications on the cluster im chasing.
If anyone has one or can steer me in the right direction it would be mostly appreciated.

While im at it can i still use my ZD30 radiator and can i just move my zd30 engine mounts forward more or do i have to make or cut some 4.2 one.

I need quick 100% feed back as im trying to buy or order my products this week.

Cheers Shane
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I got a cluster today i'll just let the sparky work it out. I've been looking there is plenty of info. Im on here all the time. But just the nitty gretty exact answers im chasing. Its a forum and i understand its mixed opinions on everything. I just want simple exact answers. But yes trucksters i've been searching. I've spent 4 grand today on sh*t so dont worry i have read endless pages of stuff. ha

Thanks mate
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