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Zd30 turbo heat shield

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Hi there, today I tried to remove the heat shield on the turbo so I can start to plan where I can put the pyrometer probe on the dump pipe. I got all bolts out except the one at the backside with the head of the bold facing the fire wall. Is there any tricks you guys use to remove stubborn bolts? I have tried using a ring spanner but it starts to deform
The bolt head this also happened when using a 6 point socket and breaker bar. I did think maybe I could weld a bar onto it to try and turn it, but only wanted to do this if necessary.
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Don't use wd40 (Its just fish oil) . Go and buy some Super nut breaker (White can with red writing & found in the Bunnings toolshop.) or some crc freeze spray from Repco. Get a spanner with flat sides instead of one that has a point that touches the sides. Do not use cheap spanners on jobs like this or you will just round nuts.
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