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nissan patrol 2003 zd30
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Hi, I'm new to the forum.
I've had a look through all the relevant posts I can find, and it looks as though I might be in a grey area.
The Car has been great pulling a heavy van around queensland for 10,000k.
Driving home on the highway, no van, just cruising, engine noise suddenly changed to that of an old diesel engine, power drops off, and engine warning light comes on. Managed to limp home at reduced speed. Car did not overheat..
Checked water in fuel filter. OK
Checked oil, it was low but not enough to be a problem.
Turbo seems OK but boost is low.
have a dawes setup fitted, normally pressure max is 15psi, but now has difficulty achieving 10psi. Dont think it has anything to do with the turbo though.
Easter long weekend so no one working.
Hoping someone might be able to help, if not, next stop Diesel specialist in Nambour.

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Sorry mate, only just came across this to approve post, did you have any luck at the Nambour diesel specialist, who was it by the way, I live very close by.

Were you able to restart it after you got home and if so what happened? When limp mode is experienced the boost will be limited to 10psi and you will drive at a reduced speed unless you lift the foot to relieve limp, but there is normally no strange noises associated with it, maybe you split a boost hose, that will create strange noises and reduce boost.
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